Model H

**The Model H is undergoing a redesign phase as is not in production at this time. Please contact Echometer for more information**

The Echometer Model H is a stand alone, battery powered microprocessor controlled digital acoustic signal processor, recorder and display unit. When installed and used in accordance with instructions it is designed for operation in hazardous environments.




  • Advanced acoustic liquid level depth instrument
  • Digital signal acquisition, processor and display unit
  • Enhanced interpolation of acoustic data
  • New anomaly marker analysis for gas and gas lift wells
  • Certified for use in hazardous environments
  • Interpretation of reflections
  • Filter Operation
  • Minimal number of steps to obtain a liquid level depth measurement
  • User manages the data acquisition and controls the flow of the program
  • Weatherproof
  • Dustproof plastic housing
  • 11" x 10" x 5"
  • Weighs 11 pounds (5 kg)
  • Panel incorporates both soft-keys and navigational 5-button star input keypad
  • Self-contained rechargeable battery
  • Battery rated at 9 Amp-Hour
  • Current drain is .825 Amps operating and .325 Amps standby
  • Battery operating ON-time is approximately 10.9 hours

Model H Acquisition Options

The Model H user has two options to acquire data: 1) Quick Shot Mode - Once the instrument is powered up, it takes only three "clicks" to display the signal acquisition screen and 2) Named Well Mode - The user may specify a pre-entered well file name where the acquired data is stored.

Model H Analysis Options

DEEP WELL ANALYSIS – Through Automatic Analysis of the fluid level records in a deep well, the software analyzes the record to identify the most likely signals that could correspond to the echo from the liquid level and highlights the most probably signal with a vertical dashed indicator within the dark band. This signal is also displayed with an expanded time scale (from 14.5 to 15.5 seconds) in the window at the lower right.

The time scale is converted to a distance scale using the average acoustic velocity computed form a count of the collar echoes from time zero to the time indicated by the vertical dashed line labeled “C”. This line indicates the point in the record where the amplitude of the collar echoes is equal to the amplitude of the background noise. Past this point in time the collar echoes cannot be identified with certainty.

GAS LIFT WELL ANALYSIS – When an acoustic record is acquired in a gas lift well, the program will perform the automatic analysis using the collar count procedure to determine the liquid level.

ANOMALY MARKER METHOD – The purpose of this method is to accurately calculate the distance to the liquid level echo using the known distance to one or more specific echoes that are generated by wellbore changes in diameter (hereafter defined as “anomalies”) that exist in the wellbore at known distances from the wellhead. This method accounts for the variation of acoustic velocity that is commonly observed in most wellbores due to the variation of temperature, pressure and gas composition as a function of depth.

Download a copy of the Model H brochure here

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