Computerized instrument for acquiring liquid level data, acoustic pressure transient data, dynamometer data, and motor power / current data 





The Echometer Base Station allows simultaneous wireless acquisition of liquid level, dynamometer and pressure records as controlled by the user via the TAM software either at the laptop or at the sensor location.




Portable dual-channel strip chart recorder that uses acoustics to obtain the distance to the liquid level in the casing annulus of a well




**Not available at this time due to redesign**

Stand alone, battery powered microprocessor controlled digital acoustic signal processor, recorder and display unit.




Compact gas gun(1500 psi), remote fire gun (1500 psi), and manual 5,000 PSI and 15,000 PSI guns. Assemblies include combination gas gun and microphone.




Precision transducers that measure pressure, temperature, load, acceleration, and motor power/current.



Collar-Size Gas Separators designed with thin-wall tubing, large ports and minimum lengths to optimize gas separation from the liquid that enters the pump.



Free, downloadable programs designed to analyze well performance and determine bottomhole pressures from acoustic data.


Echometer Company
5001 Ditto Lane 
Wichita Falls, Texas 76302




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Echometer Company
5001 Ditto Lane 
Wichita Falls, Texas 76302




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