• Increase oil and gas production
  • Improve efficiency of lift system
  • Correct artificial lift problems caused by incomplete pump fillage
  • Reduce operating cost
  • Constructed from carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Thin-wall tubing, large ports and minimum lengths to optimize gas separation

The Echometer “Ultimate Production System” is a unique, low-risk, and cost-effective package of tools that allow horizontal wells to come back to life with consistent incremental production gains, better pump fillage, less cycling, and less wear and tear on rod pump components. The Echometer UPS system of components consists of a Diversion-Style gas separator, Tool Saver immediately below the separator, tubing anchor-catcher, Isolator, and strategically sized tailpipe with a perforated sub and bullplug landed at a calculated position. These components work in unison to greatly improve fluid dynamics and gas separation as the liquids travel out of the horizontal lateral and then vertically to the pump set above the kick off point.

Please contact Brian Ellithorp or Jim McCoy for additional information or pricing.

Watch Gas Separator Presentation for more information about how gas separators work.

The Echometer Downhole Improved Collar-Size Gas Separator is installed when a well is operated at low efficiency due to poor natural gas separation or due to an inefficient downhole gas separator. The downhole Improved Collar-Size Gas Separator is used when the downhole pump is placed in the producing zone or above the producing zone. The characteristics of inefficient gas separation can be identified from the downhole pump having incomplete fillage, plus the casing annulus above the pump intake having a high gaseous liquid column. An acoustic liquid level test is used to indicate a high gaseous liquid column above the pump. In a sucker rod lifted well the analysis from a dynamometer test, performed at the same time as the acoustic liquid level test, is used to identify incomplete pump fillage. Periodic acoustic liquid level tests and dynamometer measurements should be performed to verify that the downhole gas separator is operating efficiently. Several common improper oil field production practices used to combat poor gas separation that result in high operating cost are: 1) tapping bottom with the pump, 2) running the pumping unit at excessive speed, 3) operating the pumping unit for excessive periods of time, or 4) increasing the tubing pressure or increasing the casing pressure. The proper procedure for correcting inefficient downhole gas separation is identifying the problem and correctly installing the downhole Improved Collar-Size Gas Separator in the well.

Progressive cavity pumps perform better when the pump is subjected to liquid flow only. The collar-size gas separator's "good gas separation" results in longer life for a progressive cavity pump, than a progressive cavity pump used above the formation without an efficient gas separator. Separation of free gas from the liquid entering the PC pumps will greatly increase the efficiency and prolong the life of progressive cavity pumps.

Learn more about our Gas Separators...
2 3/8 (3.0" OD) 230 46
2 7/8 (3.75" OD) 415 52
3 1/2 (4.5" OD) 600 75

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