Fixed Power Adapter


**Warning** - Installation of this product must be performed by a qualified experienced electrician.

A low cost package called a Fixed Power Adapter allows the sensors to be mounted permanently in the electrical box with a water-tight connection on the side of the electrical box for attachment of a small plug-in radio for wireless communication to a PC base station.  

The Fixed Power Adapter Sensor uses two current probes that consist of toroidal secondary transformer coils that are permanently installed surrounding the leftmost and rightmost wires that feed power to the motor. The two current transformers are isolated by double insulation from the motor power. Three voltage leads are connected directly to the terminals on the downstream side of each of the three fuses and fed to the permanent connector pins through a resistance of 664 Kohms.  At 480 Volts RMS, the RMS current is limited to 0.72 mA to ground, which is a safe value. 

Permanent installation of the current and voltage sensors within the electrical switch box and connecting the corresponding wires to the external feed-through mounted on the side of the switch box insures increased safety of the Wireless Power Current Voltage Transducer and allows a field technician who may not be a licensed electrician to attach the Wireless Transmitter to the external connector without having to open the electrical switch box.

Download the Fixed Power Adapter Installation Instructions.



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