5000 PSI Gas Gun

The 5000 PSI Gas Gun is a manually operated gas gun excellent for use in gas lift, flowing, and high pressure shut-in wells. While it is most commonly used in implosion mode, it can also be operated in explosion mode.



  • Fires manually
  • Operates in both implosion and explosion modes
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Volume chamber and microphone assembly can be flushed with solvent to remove debris
  • Rated at 5000 PSI

The 5000 PSI Gas Gun can be operated in implosion mode on wells with a casing pressure greater than 200 PSI. The 1/2" ball valve is rapidly opened (180 degree rotation) to release gas from the well into the volume chamber. This action generates a rarefaction (negative) pressure pulse. A compressed gas source is not needed in the implosion mode.

Use the explosion mode on low-pressure wells (less than 200 PSI), and where pressurized gas is available at a pressure greater than the casing annulus pressure. In the explosion mode, the gas gun volume chamber is pressured above the casing pressure. Opening the gas valve results in a positive compression pressure wave being generated which travels down the casing annulus gas.

When the 5000 PSI Gas Gun becomes dirty due to debris, the volume chamber and microphone assembly may be flushed with a solvent to remove the debris.

To view the 5000psi Gas Gun Drawing click  here.

To view the Gas Gun Brochure click  here.

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