Wireless Pressure Transducer


The Pressure Transducer has a rugged design and is accurate over a wide range of temperatures.



  • Built-in thermistor that measures transducer temperature
  • All pressure measurements temperature compensated


  • 2" O.D. x 8.5"
  • Rated at 1,500 PSI


The wireless pressure transducer, WPT, is a rugged pressure measurement device. The dimensions are 2" O.D. x 8.5" in length. The WPT can be easily attached to the well connection using the external 1” NPT threaded connection. Or can be attached using a special internal 1/8" or 1/4" pressure transducer fitting connection, o-ring sealed, so that hand-tight connection is sufficient to prevent leakage. 


The pressure transducer element is constructed of extremely corrosion resistant Elgiloy material and utilizes thin film sensor diaphragm technology. The thin film Wheatstone bridge is applied to the diaphragm using a physical vapor deposition process to form a tight molecular bond with the sensor diaphragm. This type of transducer is rugged, long lived and offers good accuracy over a wide range of temperatures. The Wireless Pressure Sensor is powered by long lasting rechargeable batteries. The wireless radio transmission range is approximately 400 feet line of sight. The wireless pressure transducer also houses a thermistor that measures transducer temperature.


The pressure transducer can be easily re-zeroed at the beginning of each test. The pressure transducer and associated electronics have stability for measurement of better than 0.1-PSI resolution with a pressure transducer having a rating of 1,500 PSI. Even better resolution is available with a special order lower pressure range transducer. 


In Echometer seminars, the techniques are presented to use acoustic instrument to find holes in tubing in Sucker Rod, Flowing Gas, Gas-Lift, plus other types of produced wells. Wireless tubing pressure measurement is a valuable tool to confirm the tubing and surface valves hold pressure during the standard dynamometer testing of the Sucker Rod lifted well. In a Sucker Rod lifted well if no pump action or no production to surface, then a recommended practice is to shoot a fluid level down the casing annulus and also shoot a fluid level down the tubingAnalysis Before Action paper example of rubber in a back-pressure regulating valve is a low cost and simple problem to correct, but the rods and pump were pulled and re-ran without any repair. A proper initial diagnosis of the well problems prevent costly workovers on the wells, when analysis identifies the problem high cost rig time may not be needed. For additional details on tubing pressure measurement as a valuable tool , shoot a fluid level down the tubing, and Analysis Before Action please download these technical references by using the links in this paragraph.


The Wireless Pressure Transducer can installed on a well to pressure test the tubing, test the tubing back pressure valve, also test the casing check valve. The Wireless Pressure Transducer can installed on a well to record pressure during a dynamometer test. Multiple Wireless Pressure Transducer can installed on a plunger lift well to record casing and separator pressure during a plunger tracking test.


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