Frequently Asked Questions

Equipment Comparison

Which Echometer instrument provides the most beneficial features for your company’s needs?

Well Analyzer

  1. How does the computerized Well Analyzer compare to the Model M strip chart acoustic liquid level instrument?
  2. I have a Well Analyzer with pressure transient capabilities, but TWM is not allowing me to access any pressure transient data. How do I view my pressure transient data in TWM?
  3. How is a leaking standing valve displayed on a surface dynamometer card, a pump card and a traveling/standing valve test?
  4. Why is the Well Analyzer software not detecting the acoustic shot when the gas gun acoustic pulse is generated?

Total Well Management

  1. How do I copy TWM files from my Well Analyzer laptop to my desk computer?
  2. How do I email files from TWM?
  3. How can I turn a TWM Shot Trace report into a PDF file?
  4. My Well Analyzer is set up for Pressure Transient capabilities, but I can't find any pressure transient tabs in TWM.

Gas Guns

  1. How does an explosion acoustic pulse differ from an implosion acoustic pulse?
  2. What can be done to reduce maintenance on the Remote Fire Gas Gun?
  3. What are some considerations to keep in mind when using gas to generate an acoustic pulse from a gas gun?
  4. Why can't I pressurize the Remote Fire Gas Gun volume chamber?
  5. Does oil or water hurt the microphone?
  6. Why is the Remote Fire Gas Gun not generating a pulse?
  7. What pressures should be used in the Remote Fire Gas Gun volume chamber?
  8. Why is the Well Analyzer software not detecting the acoustic shot when the gas gun acoustic pulse is generated?
  9. How is the Remote Fire Gas Gun lubricated?
  10. What are the pros and cons for using a hydrocarbon gas from a nearby well for generating the initial pulse?
  11. What gas should be used for pressure transient testing?
  12. What gas cylinders are available for charging the gas guns?
  13. What are the uses of the pressure regulator?

Intrinsically Safe Instruments

What are the considerations for use of the acoustic liquid level instruments in a hazardous environment?

Horseshoe, Polished Rod, and Pressure Transducers

  1. How are the 50k load cell washers and spacer installed on a pumping unit?
  2. How are the 50k (5") horseshoe transducer and hydraulic jack installed into the spool assembly to perform a dynamometer test?
  3. What are the resistance values for the Pressure Transducers?
  4. What are the resistance values for the Horseshoe Transducers?


  1. What is a safe way to support the dynamometer cable during pumping unit operation and dynamometer data acquisition?
  2. How should the dynamometer coiled cable be attached to the Polished Rod Transducer?

Batteries and Chargers

  1. What are some things I can do to extend the battery life of the Model D, M and E 12 Volt batteries?
  2. Will the Well Analyzer charger also charge the laptop?
  3. What are some signs that I may have a bad battery?
  4. What type of charger should I use to charge the Well Analyzer?

CO2 and N2

  1. What are some general precautions I should take when using CO2 gas to fill the gas gun?
  2. What steps should I take to fill a CO2 bottle?
  3. What steps should I take to fill a N2 bottle?

Equipment Cleaners

What are the best cleaners to use when cleaning equipment after use or when performing routine maintenance on equipment?

Windows Power Save

My laptop continuously shuts down after a short period of time when it is running on battery power. How can I turn off this power save so that I can continue acquiring data without interruption?

Voltage Tester

What should I use to test the voltage on the power box before installing the power probe?

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