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Hello dear Jean-Matin!

 How are you? I hope you're doing well! Thank you for the compliments about me and my photos and your sincere interest in me, I really appreciate it!))

 I'm interested in knowing you better and closer and I hope our communication will lead us to something more!

 Ohh I see you job is very hard and responsible, how did you take it? It was your dream from a childhood?) I understand why it brings you so much stress, so maybe it just don't worth it?

 As about me I'm a manager in a building company, I work with people and documents. I like my job, however sometimes it's also stressful)))

 I go to the fitness few times a week and try to eat healthy food.

 I agree that life is too short not to live it in a full)

 I like many things - theatres, art, museums, and interesting events. I like reading books, but also if I have time to spend it funny with my friends it is also good. I also like spend time with my big family, I have 2 elder brothers who have families and children, we all like getting together sometimes :)

 Love for me is everything between two people, it consists of many things: respect, trust, friendship. Maybe people not always have same interests, but they want to be together and it's more important.

 So let's continue our acquaintance and see to what it will lead to)

 Have a nice day!



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