One-Day Well Troubleshooting Seminar
Start Date/Time: Tuesday, October 03, 2017
End Date/Time: Tuesday, October 03, 2017
Recurring Event: One time event
Importance: Normal Priority
Well Trouble Shooting Seminar
Location: Lexington, KY

Objective: Use of Echometer Well Analyzer with TWM and/or TAM software to obtain fluid level and dynamometer measurements for troubleshooting producing wells.

 Who should attend: Field technicians, pumpers, production operators, tech supervisors currently involved in well troubleshooting. This seminar is offered free of charge. 

Topics Covered in this Seminar:

 ·         Basics of fluid level acquisition and obtaining quality data for analysis.

·         Three methods of fluid level analysis (Automatic Collar Count, Acoustic Velocity, Downhole Marker)

·         Gaseous liquid columns

·         Calculation of bottomhole pressures from casing pressure and acoustic liquid level depth measurements.

·         The effects of static and producing bottomhole pressures on well production.

·         Problem wells and common production methods are discussed.

·         Downhole Gas Separators

·         Motor Power/Current analysis

 ·         Basics of Dynamometer measurements using a Polished Rod Transducer or Horseshoe Load Cell.

·         Dynamometer data acquisition and analysis.

·         Using fluid level and dynamometer data to troubleshoot wells.

·         QRod 

·         Pressure Transient Testing (if requested)

·         Plunger Tracking (if requested)

·         Model H Instrument (if requested)

 Both the analog and digital Echometers are discussed.  The computerized Echometer Well Analyzer and the Wireless Equipment are superior digital instruments which give a complete well analysis. The analog Model M is a strip chart acoustic instrument that is reliable and simple to operate.

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