• Wireless

The Wireless Echometer Base Station, with GPS well site location, is connected to the USB port of the computer and communicates with all the Wireless sensors that include:

Wireless Remote Fire Gas Gun (WRFG)
Wireless 5000 PSI Gas Gun (W5KG)
Wireless Polished Rod Transducer (WPRT)
Wireless Horse Shoe Transducer (WHT)
Wireless Pressure Sensor (WPT)*
Wireless Power Probes (WPP)
Wireless Power Adaptor (WPA)

The station allows simultaneous acquisition of liquid level, dynamometer and pressure records as controlled by the user via the TAM software either at the laptop or at the sensor location.


  • Improved Experience at Well
  • Easier and Faster Installation
  • Easier Software Navigation
  • GPS for Automatic Well Selection
  • Simultaneous Fluid Level and Dynamometer
  • Safer Operation
  • Enhanced Analysis Options
  • Real Time Surface and Pump Dynamometer
  • Real Time Pump Animation
  • Flexible Dynamometer and Acoustic Overlays
  • Dynamometer Playback and Video Generation

The Wireless Sensors have been designed with state of the art microchips to achieve low noise, high accuracy and resolution with minimum power usage for long life of the rechargeable batteries. Typical range of over 450 ft has been achieved in most installations.

Wireless sensor set up and installation is done efficiently by using the control buttons and LED displays, mounted on the sensor's body, which are used to power up, adjust, and calibrate the sensors when installed at the wellhead without having to view the computer screen.

For more information please request a copy of the paper "Wireless Simultaneous Acquisition of Dynamometer and Fluid Facilities Rod Pumped Well Optimization" by contacting Echometer Company at the address below. 


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